My artwork was created in a time and space where there was an inner conflict between being an activist and being myself.

As a black woman who spoke, educated and lived with racism I found myself consumed by my oppression. That raised questions within me about who I was in this world, not only to others but to myself and the conclusion became, that I had to become something more than my oppression.


My way of doing that was to not disconnect with activism, but rather engaging with it by doing something that i loved. I asked myself, what would I be doing if there was no racism and the answer was art.  My greatest act of resistance and also greatest coping mechanism for walking this earth as a black woman, is to do the one thing that is my true and purest calling.


The act of using ones passion as resistance has often times as big of an impact as marching for one's rights. One way does not have to exclude the other. I hope that i can be proof of that. While i still practice activism, i've learned to do it in ways that do not tamper with the person that i need to be in this world for myself and for what i want in life.